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Engineering-based Configurator Model Design, Architecture and Programming

Aeolus Solutions Success Stories

Aeolus Solutions has designed and built Configurator models for a variety of clients in both discrete and process manufacturing environments.

Follow the links below to see how Steve’s past successes can help you achieve success with the Oracle Configurator!

  • Specialty metals
    Learn how Aeolus Solutions helped a world leader in specialty metals use the Oracle Configurator in an Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) environment!
  • Flow meters
    See how Aeolus Solutions used the Oracle Configurator to reduce order release time and configure both BOMs and routings for highly configurable flow meters!
  • Office furniture
    Discover how Aeolus Solutions used configurable sub-models to improve order input and material planning for a vertically integrated office furniture manufacturer!
  • Semiconductor equipment
    Click here to see how Aeolus Solutions redesigned the BOM and routing to aid a successful ERP implementation.