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Engineering-based Configurator Model Design, Architecture and Programming
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This client is a world leader in the production of nickel-base and cobalt-base superalloys, titanium alloys, and specialty steels.

The client uses Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM). OPM does not use the Bill of Material (BOM) module – creating a challenge for the Configurator.

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Starting conditions

Quotes were prepared with time-consuming manual process steps:

  • Engineering review to ensure valid attribute combinations.
  • Engineering had to supply manufacturing tolerances.
  • Manual calculation of piece weights and order weights.
  • Pricing approximated from price sheet guidelines.

Configurator project objectives

The client wanted to:

  • Create quotations without Engineering involvement.
  • Look up approved manufacturing tolerances in real time.
  • Compute order weight based on product attributes.
  • Calculate prices based on product attributes.

Configurator project results

Steve Allen developed a Configurator model accessible to Sales through a custom user interface.

The model has the following capabilities:

  • Enables Sales to create complete and valid quotations without Engineering involvement.
  • Validates product attributes with compatibility rules.
  • Retrieves manufacturing tolerances from a custom “Manufacturing Tolerances” database.
  • Computes order weight from user input and places it on the Sales Order form automatically.
  • Places attributes in the CZ_CONFIG_ATTRIBUTES table for use by other parts of the solution, such as Advanced Pricing.
    Figure 1:  An attribute-based Oracle Configurator model for specialty metals configuration

    Aeolus Solutions Success Factors

    This project achieved success using the following methods:

    1. Changed the pricing approach from overlapping product families with pre-defined attribute combinations to a single Advanced Pricing calculation based on individual product attributes.
    2. Partnered with Engineering to develop rules that controlled allowable combinations of attributes.
    3. Partnered with Engineering to develop a “Manufacturing Tolerances” database.
    4. Used a dedicated on-site Java programmer to write the Configurator Extensions that retrieve data from the external databases.

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