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Oracle Configurator Critical Success Factors

Consider the following when staffing your Oracle Configurator project:

  • In the Oracle ERP system, the Bill of Material (BOM) drives component demand, manufacturing process flows, and material planning.

  • Bill of MaterialDesigning the BOM is more important - and often harder - than writing rules in the Oracle Configurator Developer (OCD).

You need a Configurator developer with experience designing BOMs. This is definitely not a programming task!

  • Manufacturing routingConfiguring manufacturing routings requires that your BOM match your manufacturing process.

    You need a Configurator developer that understands manufacturing process flows.

  • BlueprintDocumenting and controlling Configurator rules can often be handled with some simple additions to your current documentation practice.

    You need a Configurator developer who understands assembly documentation and the Engineering Change Control process.

  • Oracle Configurator trainingLong-term success with the Oracle Configurator also depends on resource development.

    You need an excellent trainer who will work with your staff to make sure that you are notheld hostage by your consultant.

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Aeolus Solutions has the critical skills you need!

Configurator engineer at workSteve Allen is a Mechanical Engineer with many years experience in both Design and Manufacturing Engineering.  Steve is also APICS-certified and works effectively with Material Planning.

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Additional information

Follow the links below to see how Aeolus Solutions can help you with your Configurator project!

  • Bills of Material: the foundation for Oracle Configurator models
    Bills of Material drives component selection, manufacturing process steps, and material planning. Click here to see how Aeolus Solutions designs configurable BOMs!
  • Configuring routings
    Oracle provides an effective way of configuring routings. But you must design the Bill of Material corrrectly! Click here to see how Aeolus Solutions designs configurable routings.
  • Configurator rules
    Configurator rules are what Aeolus Solutions uses to make Oracle Bills of Material "intelligent". Click here to see what the Oracle Configurator Developer offers.
  • Configurator documentation
    Oracle Configurator documentation and control may be a new challenge for your Engineering Change Control process. Click here for some ideas from Aeolus Solutions!

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